ACRLDS v2.0 - Arduino POV

ACRLDS v2.0 (Android Controlled Rotating Led Display System) is a multi-module/system project design that earned a top 1 place in Engineering Exhibit year 2014 at the University of the East Caloocan. I am/was the project lead(backend and partly front end) of this project design, the project is the final requirement of my BS Computer Engineering degree at the said University. I'm very proud of this project. Me and my group mates gave our best to do this. 

One of the things that made this project won in the 2014 Engineering Exhibit is the fact that this project was made by several recycled materials.

ACRLDS v2.0 is composed of the following systems/modules:
2 Arduino, for running the leds of the Globe Image/Main Image and running the Message Display System
Bluetooth Shield
C# WPF program responsible for the conversion of an BMP Image into binary numbers to be coded and uploaded to the Arduino, and to be displayedi n the Globe Display System.
Android Application to control the image and the message

The Android Application was made by me using MIT App Inventor.

Live Demo: