Atomasino Website

This was the first and the last PHP system/website that I've developed. I enjoyed developing it using a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy slow laptop. Back then I have no desktop/laptop, so I had to borrow one from my cousin.

Basically, this sutdent org website/system was developed in PHP, and it has a bootstrap, thus responsive. I really know nothing about bootstrap, my clients from the UST already developed its front end. So what I did was the database and all of its backend stuff.

One of its features is the Auto-email system. Yes! You can register, add events, view events, attend the events, delete events, add an admin, registration expiration, and lots of stuffs.

I had no subject relating to web development in our highschool nor in college, but I was able to finish this whole system. I'm very proud of this. I really can't recall all the user credentials in this system and I don't wanna scan the conversation between me and my clients again.

See the demo: