Ebook Repository v1.0 Program

Back when I was in 3rd year college (year 2012), we had a project in a certain subject. I really can't recall the name of the subject. Anyway, I came up with this idea, Ebook Repository. I was the programmer/designer lead, so basically I did all the stuffs here. I just asked one of my team mate to encode some data into our online database (cloud, yeah). So I taught him, and there it is. As of writing, I'm searching for the executable of this program. This program actually was bought by a certain group of students from a certain University. $$$$. 

Update: I searched my Facebook inbox, since I usually discuss my stuffs there with my past clients and with my group mates, I've found out that the website we used to host the database of this program has been closed. This program is really interesting, I'll try to make one again in C# WPF in the future.