ETM System

This ETM (Equipment Tracking & Monitoring System) system is composed of Arduino, RFID modules, and VB.NET Windows application. This was developed for my clients in Polytechnic University of the Philippines. The windows application is has two main modules/forms: Server(laboratory) and Client (room). The purpose of this system is simple: to track and monitor the equipment that are being borrowed by the students.

The Server Module/Form. 

The server module/form handles all the records of the equipment. This basically gets the RFID tag of the equipment to be borrowed by the students, and then mark the equipment's record, including the room, in the database as not available until returned.

The Client Module/Form. 

While the Client Module/Form is located in certain rooms. The students should confirm that the equipment is inside the room to record its status in the system, if they are done using the equipment, they should scan it again to record the time.

This ETM system is one of the complex systems and fun that I've developed in my entire freelance career.